Poly twine in B&B charcoal

Had a slight and I mean slight plasticity smell when burned. Perhaps it is part of the processing process and it burns it self up in the cooking process? IDK. I did reach out to B&B will be curious what they come back with…

It is interesting to hear this. As a new charcoal BBQ owner, I did my first burn in over the weekend with the same charcoal and noticed a very peculiar smell as well. It may be that I am not used to the smell of charcoal, but definitely was something there.
I still have a bag and a half of the pre-Duraflame B&B and compared with a new bag of B&B. The sizes seemed similar, but the newer bag had pieces that where "sloppier" for lack of better term. They two halves where they are compressed weren't as uniform and looked like they slid sideways a bit. I will have to take some pictures. I used the new bag for my rib cook yesterday and they worked just as good as my pre-Duraflame B&B.