Plastic Scraper for Cleaning Q - What do you use?


Shane Hayes

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Just got my Q yesterday and read to scrape it with a plastic scraper.
What do you use? A plastic putty knife?
Hi Rick, I use a plastic putty knife from my local hardware store. Not as long in the handle as the Weber scraper but at $1 each I can put up with a little fiddling around and under the burners.


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I use a steel putty knife. Sure it might scratch the inside of the cook box, but who cares. It does a lot better job on the burnt on hard carbon and food.




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That is interesting. It might be a bit wide for a Q grill though. There are a lot of obstacles inside of a Q cook box, unlike a kettle. I think a guy could just buy a $4 putty knife and grind the blade into the curved shape as well. Or not. All you need to do is get the main stuff out.