Pizza- attempt #3


Richard S

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The Summer of 22 quest for perfect pizza 🍕 continues!
Hobbling my quest is the fact I have used three completely different doughs but oh well…you can’t screw up pizza right?

Ingredients- B599C395-3766-4854-960D-161EBD12B741.jpeg E713E6C3-3AC0-4B09-8268-C914BEF92F10.jpeg A79C5E7A-8A6E-44CB-8D71-4E033774CD69.jpeg Heated up the stone on the Gold B and prepped the Performer with some BnB Lump. 4A3229C3-6710-4844-A022-6B62D5A3E13A.jpeg Used some Trader Joe’s dough this time. Started the crust for a few minutes then topped. A79C5E7A-8A6E-44CB-8D71-4E033774CD69.jpeg Ran into some temp issues as the coals were topping out at about 350. Very frustrating. Outside temps were in the 90’s! Good thing I kept the Gold B cranked so I moved it over. 14754AEE-3431-48A6-9277-ABB2F05DE01A.jpeg 2B264DD4-CCED-4E0A-9D61-C8604B783AD1.jpeg After a few minutes I got some nice crisp on the sides and top and took it off! 4C6A103E-741E-4E80-8B72-37FC75699694.jpeg I am pretty happy with the end result but need to work with a consistent dough and get my heat situation dialed in.


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Looks good from here. I'll take a slice, and a glass or two of the Aglianico!