PID Tuning...what am I looking for?



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So I've got everything set up, put a fire in my Kamado Joe and enjoyed watching the temp climb up to the 300F set point. Then I dropped the set point to 275F and sure enough, the temp got down there too...

Now I see it dancing right around 275 +/- 2F...the RD3 anywhere from 0-20%

But as for tuning, I haven't really done anything. I read the wiki and some other posts, but I'm not seeing what I should be doing. (I am giddy that I get to watch & control the temp from the comfort of my couch, however.)
What are you running for PID settings, fan settings, (top) vent settings?
These are the variables at issue here...
275F +/- 2F isn't too bad as a starting point.. I prefer to see the RD3 run about 30-35% open while maintaining the target temp, you can get their either by adjusting PID settings or top vent settings.