Chris Sherman

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Hi Dave.

Thanks for spending the time to chat with us.
I have never been to one of your restaurants, but I just looked and there a couple not too far away from me...Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley.
I plan to take the family soon. Maybe this Thursday. :D

On to my question.
We usually buy the pickles that come pre-refrigerated as we like how crispy they are.

I have seen yours in the store, and have been tempted to buy them because they look very flavorful.

Can you please describe the flavors in each variety and also how you got into the pickle business?


Our Spicy Pickles are originally named Hell Fire Pickles. Ever since I first started Famous Dave's we have been famously known for our spicy pickles. We only have one pickle our Hell Fire Pickle or in the grocery stores... our Spicy Pickles. Almost everything I do at Famous Dave's has a good kick to the flavor whether its our sauce, ribs, coleslaw, beans etc and even our pickles. The flavor profile is a sweet horseradish combined with sugar, salt, and vinegar. Many of our customers rave about our pickles to the point we decided to package them up and to our surprise we have a very hard time keeping them on the shelves! Blessings "Famous Dave"
Looks like they don't come in different flavors, but three different forms: Famous Dave's Signature Spicy Pickle Spears, Pickle Chips, and Pickle Relish.