Picked up one of the new Travelers


Mike Goetzke

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I also picked up a Traveler about a week ago. I had a Q1000 for small cook and tailgating. Loved the grill but hated the scissors stand so when it wore out about 2 years ago (after about 7 years of heavy use) I bought a RoadTrip because of the integrated stand. I hated the way it cooked with the two camping burners so I sold it a couple weeks ago. When looking for a replacement I saw the RoadTrip was upgraded with a tube burner (3-burners). Almost hit the buy button but saw this beautiful Weber Traveler in the similar products. This Weber was perfect for my needs and solved all the things I previously had issues with. So I bought it!

Took longer to take the grill out of the box than assemble it. The built-in stand works flawlessly. During my burn-in test it heated very quickly and was close to 600F so I dialed it back. This is a very heavy-duty/high-quality grill. I have a Chevy Traverse and the grill just barely fits with the seats up, but, the hatch closes so it's a winner! To me it is well worth the price.

Some minor issues/improvements I'd like to see:

  • Cover - I need a cover that I can still have the ability to pull the grill around. Weber CS says this is currently being worked on.
  • Lid Latch/Lock - you've probably seen the videos how this auto-engages but when I stood it vertically and tried to lift it to see how difficult it would be to hang on hooks on the wall I noticed the lid lock disengaged! I had seen this complaint from a few reviewers. I dug into this and the lid lock held tight while wheeling the grill around but became looser if I parked it vertically. The way the lid lock works is a spring holds it in the retracted position. As the grill stand collapses a button on the bottom of it makes contact with the bottom bar of the frame causing the lock to engage. Issue is there is play between the frame legs and when lifting the grill there is enough play to disengage the lock. I added a less that 1/8" thick furniture pad to the lower leg and the lid lock stay engaged even when I lift it now.
  • Leg Feet - again a minor observance but I noticed the plastic foot where you place your foot when lifting the grill is scratched up on my new grill already from the concrete. Nice if this had a replaceable boot or something to prevent this wear. I might add some kind of furniture pad here also to keep the grill looking new.

Mike Goetzke

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Very impressed with this grill. We made a "breakfast-dinner" the other day. I have a 10" x 18" cast iron griddle I purchased years ago and just placed it in the middle of the grill. I heated it up and made pancakes. I couldn't believe how even this grill heats. It's much better than my indoor electric. Next I replaced the rectangular griddle with my round Weber tall sided griddle (it was from my Performer days). Heated it up and we made some great omelets. Again the heat distribution is very even. Will be trying the grill out for tailgating at the ballgame this weekend.

Jon Tofte

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Showed off the Traveler at a recent White Sox game. Still impressed how even this grill cooks. I only rotated the shish kabobs in place and all finished at about the same temperature. The grill got as many compliments at the food did from fans passing by.

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Great grilling and Go Sox! Maybe a World Series in Chicago this fall😎! That would be an awesome time to tailgate.


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Interesting, I picked up a Q-2200 for a park, picnic/camping type of grill. The freaking thing is HUGE, not nearly as portable as I had hoped. I did get the stand and an adapter hose on a good deal at Costco, but I’d love to see a traveler up close.
Might just place an order and get the wife all riled up.
I thought you are lock-down! LOL!