Picanha wasn't the star


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
...I roti'd some picanha this evening, which turned out really good.....


I tried out something new (for me), though, that kind of stole the show......potstickers!

Made the dough as outlined in THIS RECIPE. I used my pasta roller to roll out the dough, then cut out circles with a container I had that was ~3.5"....


Had some leftover U15 shrimp, so made a filling based off THIS RECIPE, and made up my potstickers (no, I haven't figured out pleating yet...)


Got them in a skillet with some veggie oil, tossed in some water when sizzling, covered until the water evaporated, then lid off until they were nicely browned....


Sided up with THIS DIPPING SAUCE, and they were DELICIOUS!!!! A bit time/labor intensive, but totally worth it! I think I may try out my tortilla press to make the potsticker wrappers next time, but I will FOR SURE do this again!

Grill on!