Pho Ga (chicken pho soup) in 30 minutes



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I made this tonight but with an expert level shortcut; I used a Costco roto chicken that costs $5.

Follow the ingredient and liquid amount for this soup. Then add an additional 16 ounces of water as I found the recipe to need more liquid.

After high heat sautéing the onion and ginger (get that char on), add the water and other spices. Then debone your chicken and toss the chicken bones into the soup.

Cook on a medium high so the soup is boiling but not a rolling boil. Extra tip, add a very small amount of chicken bouillon to the stock.

Make your noodles and assemble your toppings. Ladle the soup through a sieve to strain out the solids.

Add some hoisin, sriracha or sambal sauce into your soup and enjoy.

This was a very filling and flavorful meal in 30 minutes.

And it don’t cost me $11 a bowl and I have leftovers!

I forgot to take pics. But you know what pho soup looks like.
Brett, just read it again, wow, made with thighs. Can't wait till I go home and ask DH to make it.