Out of round

what was or is the issue with all the out of round problems with the 18 inch wsm?
HAs this carried over to the new ones or has that common defect been eliminated?
thanks Chris..for some reason I cant start a new thread which is why I posted it in that other one
the out of round? I couldn't tell you if it was from shipping or if it was made that way.

certainly it can be made wrong, but the guys at huntley are perfectionists, so who knows...

Shipping? not sure. the new packaging is a bit better.

Out of round based on packaging was usually pretty clear because the box showed the impact and the bowl might have cracked porcelain around the rim. When the box is pristine and the parts are pristine but not round, then you can almost bet it was made that way.

I think the new packaging solves most of that part of the cause. But some out of round parts are still being made.

I just wish it was possible to quickly test-fit the middle to the bowl before packing the parts. I know that would slow down packaging, but it would prevent bad parts from being shipped.

From Weber's perspective, it is probably less expensive to pack and ship them quickly--even knowing there will be the occasional bad part--and then fix it after the fact with a replacement part than to test-fit the parts during packaging.

ive bought two wsms the one in the pristine box had the out of round problem..the replacement bowl came and it was out of round as well..also know several peopel who ahve had this issue..dont think its a packaging thing but time will tell I guess if its carried over to the new models(as more get shipped)
Good point Chris.

And although most of the folks on this site are aware of the legendary Weber customer service when it comes to replacing bad or damaged parts, I can't help but wonder how many people out there get a WSM that's too far out of round, don't realize it, and think/say "I guess this thing's not all that it's cracked up to be"?
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Chris Allingham:

I just wish it was possible to quickly test-fit the middle to the bowl before packing the parts. I know that would slow down packaging, but it would prevent bad parts from being shipped.


Rather than fit testing two parts together (where the fit would fail if either was out-of-round, and then you'd still have to spend the time to figure out which one was wrong), why not a simple go/no-go test at the end of production, where each part was checked with a circular gauge of the appropriate diameter? Good parts could then go on to packaging, and bad ones could be set aside to be reworked.
Well something is happening somewhere.

though you often hear the 10 o'clock news, you never hear of all the good product that is shipped.

It's very costly for any company, regardless of customer service quality, to just keep shipping stuff.

I hope someone is taking a look at what is happening.

Mike, do you know if a perfectly shaped part can get bent out of shape during the 1200*F+ finishing process? Kind of like how a thin cookie sheet twists out of shape when heated in the oven? (Of course, the cookie sheet snaps back into shape after cooling...)

I guess what I'm wondering is if the finishing process can be a cause of the problem, in addition to or instead of simply misshaped pieces as a result of the stamping process for bowls or the rolling/welding process for middle sections.

This may be more of a Huntley question than a design/engineering question.

you are right on about heat and metal and hot it forms and warps, etc.

a lot of this ifo is available in standard texts about metal forming and finishing. There is stresses and stretch that occur with mettal working, grades of metal, composition. even the sequence that the metal goes though. do we punch holes and then form? vice versa?

so a lot of thought needs to go into the process and then certain fixturing and tooling may be required.

But there is a lot of two way considerations.. can we design this in a manner that is better for our process?

so basically, yes. it's not cut and dry.

It's like a recipe.. do you let the meat come to room temp? do you marinate it? certain marinades cook the meat as it is.. what temp? when do you warp it in foil? See? it's all the same.