Odd Combo: Turkey Breast & Salmon

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Jason M. Park

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Although I was looking forward to smoking a whole country style ham for Easter, the family decided on salmon. However, my sister's kids and my wife won't eat that, so they also suggested a whole turkey breast. An odd combo to say the least.

Normally the salmon (we prefer the appetizer style) would cook for 3 hours at low and slow and the turkey breast would be better at 300-350 for however long it takes to hit to 160. Is there any way to cook both these items at the same time on the WSM? Or should I plan on using my kettle for the turkey and the WSM for the fish?
If you follow Chris' recipe for the appetizer style salmon you'll need the lower pit temp. I have cooked turkey breast and whole turkeys this way and have been pleased. However, if you want the crisp skin you won't get it this way and I don't think it works well to try to crisp skin after a low slow cook. The fat is out of the skin at that point and it doesn't work the same.

Use two cookers and maybe your guests will think you're twice as good.

Since smoked salmon is usually served cold (isn't it?) you can do it the day before, then do the turkey breast afterwards (after getting anything fishy out of the WSM of course).
Why not smoke the turkey and finish in the oven. While it's finishing cook your salmon on the WSM. You'll impart a nice smoke falvor to the turkey during the first few hours of the cook.
I ended up doing my original idea of using the kettle for the turkey breast and the WSM for the salmon. It was my first experience of managing 2 fires at the same time, and I was a little nervous, but managed to do just fine.

I found some FANTASTIC salmon, wild caught Alaskan King for $19.99/lb. /infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif I got 2/3 of a whole fillet, which came out to $72 and change. It was the brightest colored and most flavorful salmon I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Expensive, but WELL worth the price. The Alaskan Salmon run only lasts a short time, if you can find this fish near you, get some, you will not be dissappointed!

Oh, and the turkey was pretty good too.
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