Not new to Weber but new to the Q and this forum



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Hi all I have had several kettle style Webers but I recently purchased a Weber Q1200 and that spurred me to seek out a good place for grill conversation. I’m glad I found this spot.

Scott from New Orleans.
Welcome Scott! Which color did you get?
I went with black so that hopefully it won’t show it’s funky to quick lol

I have to say that I was pretty upset to find that it won’t fit the more sturdy stand that the 2000 has. I bought the flimsy portable one but I’m sending it back and just ordering a stainless steel stand for the porch. Love the fact that I can throw it in the back of the truck easily and take it to the Lakefront though. I have to get to academy and pick up some one pound tanks.
Scott, welcome to the nicest site on the web, I have a Q120 and Q3200 and love them both, they are a great grill and super easy on the propane, I switched my 120 to a 20# tank when I got tired of the small tanks