Noob help HM 4.3 and the Pi

Calvin C.

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Hello everyone!

I’m Trying to get on track here but I’ve some serious confusion.

I have:
4.3 hm soldered kit.
Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I have everything working on it’s own (no Pi attached) . I presume the Pi has to be affixed to access the web UI. I have no clue what to do with the Pi OS to prep it. I downloaded an image from link, but the Pi on it’s own will not boot.

What is the diff between linkmeter and heater meter?
What do I have to do to the Pi to be able to access the Web UI.

I think I have a good handle on how to configure everything once I can get to the interface.

Thanks all!

Also, I have been dealing with Ralph who makes the RotoDamper and he is a very nice guy. I ordered a few of them and can’t wait to get them to get this thing going.

Im still in that bnoob/info gathering phase and I’m sorry if I missed that we b page that explains everything I beed to know. Any help or links will be greatly appreciated.



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Well, if your HM is boothing and showing you either "No Pit Probe" or a temp for the pit then your rPi has booted linkmeter and flashed the ATMega on your HM board successfully, otherwise you will just see black boxes on the HM LCD.
As for getting connected to the web interface, that depends. You can DL the HM image with your wifi preconfigured from, choose Client Mode build and put in your wifi info in the section below. DL that image and put it on your SD card, boot from that card and the HM should connect to your wifi at boot and display an IP address (within the first minute or so of booting, the HM may reboot during the process of the first boot). If you built the SD card with the basic image your HM is probably in Access Point mode, which means it is functioning as an ad hoc wifi access point. In this case you can scan for wifi networks with your phone or whatever, if you see HEATERMETER hotspot connect to it, then go to the Gateway IP in your web browser and you should connect. Once connected you can go to HM Config Network/WiFi and from there SCAN for wifi networks at which point you can select your wifi network and connect. Your HM IP will then change, at that point you can call out to that new IP from a browser on any computer on your network to connect to the web UI.
Alternately, if you have a rPi with a wired LAN port you can wire that to your network and connect through it. I think the default LAN IP is (but look that up, or maybe someone else can confirm, been a while since I used that), so you need to set the IP on the machine you are using to connect to match that block (192.168.200.X) to connect, then do the wifi scan and connect, at which point you set your computer IP back to normal and connect to the IP address of the HM on the wifi. (again, HM LCD should display IP at boot)
The easiest method to get connected is generally downloading the pre-configured client mode image to connect to your wifi and flashing that to your SD Card.
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