No vegetarian recipe section?


John K BBQ

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We eat meatless meals once or twice a week, they are usually pasta dishes, there's one my wife makes with fresh basil, chopped tomatoes, capers, moz cheese and a little raw garlic, and we toss it with spaghetti or linguine, spaghetti with garlic fried in olive oil with a little red pepper flake is also tough to beat. Veggie deluxe pizza is never a bad idea....but then again, veggie deluxe with italian sausage is even better ;)

Anyway - if you're trying to work some meatless meals into your routine, don't forget italian recipes.... they're had to beat.


We use spaghetti squash, or zucchini turned into zoodles, as spaghetti substitutes. They work.... at least okay, to well, in some recipes. I don't think I'd want to try carbonara, but a simple meat sauce or a shrimp scampi seems to be pretty good.