No. 5 Sauce

I just used this sauce this weekend at a Pre-July 4th Family Pig Roast/Reunion. It was a huge hit!!!! One of the family self-proclaimed "Chefs", who thinks he knows how to smoke ribs, used this recipe instead of his own sauce. Plus the patriarch, who has owned 2 restaurants, wanted to take the leftover sauce home. Good thing I kept a small stash at the house. I used the BRITU rub as it was the only rub has had made at the time.
Thanks for sharing your recipe. I tried the basic recipe (without the meat juice) and thought it was very good but a little too sweet for my taste. I added the meat juice and didn't like the result AT ALL. We have a ketchup recipe that we use regularly for ribs and chicken but I'll add this as an option without the meat juice and a little less brown sugar. Looking forward to experimenting with this base sauce.
No. 5 Sauce: last night I added about a quarter of a cup of dried cherries to a double batch of sauce. I strained the cherries out after simmering. One could easilly have blended them in. The cherries added a v. good fruit note. Cinnamon would work with this too.
Steve, finally got around to making this (don't know what took so long!) I used Emeril's essence recipe for the rub ingredient, could have done without the thyme maybe. Aside from that I really like this sauce! It's definitely one of my favorite sweet, ketchup based sauces I've tried. Simplicity at it's best
I made this sauce to go with my first smoke and everyone liked it. I was a little sceptic of the sauce at first because the strong smell of vinager overpowered everything. But this was the first time I had made BBQ sauce so I dont know what to expect.

My recipie..
1 cup Ketchup
1/3 cup White wine vinager
1/3 cup Brown sugar
1 teaspoon Rub
1/4-1/2 teaspoon Hot sauce
1/4 teaspoon Chayanne pepper
1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon Fresh black pepper
Dash of water

I dont know about the vinager but that is what I had in the fridge at the time.
Paul, I tried a dijon based needs work when I get little time. Mostly, I been doing a few butts, grilling on my free orphan kettle and, trying to master briskets. Fortunately, the real estate market has me busy selling land.
Steve, keep us posted on the sauce experiment. You are indeed fortunate about the real estate selling. I've got a good friend who has been in that business for many years. He is now looking for a second job to make ends meet. Market is real soft here. You really need to try hot and fast on the brisket. Have done about 4 or 5 of them now. Great results everytime. I'd make more of them but my wife and I are not real big beef eaters. I just cook them and give them away.
I picked up a bottle of Cattlemen's Classic today because I'd never tried it. IMO, the basic No. 5 sauce is EXTREMELY close to Cattlemen's except for having just a tinge less bite.

I forgot to post it, but on the fourth of July, I had a bunch aof people over. I put out three homemade sauces two of mine (one vinegar and one tomato based) and your # 5 sauce. The one that was most consumed by far was the # 5 sauce. I belive the sweetness is what got them. I like my sauce with a little more vinegar but I do enjoy that recipe. Plus the ease to make this sauce is really nice.

Keep them coming though.

I made a double batch of ole #5... The results were awesome! The only thing I did different was add some garlic cause my wife and I are garlic freaks...
I'm pleased No. 5 is working for you guys.

The garlic addition sounds good...minced onion last two batches I added dried cherries!
It works for us as well! Bethany decided to make some of this to go with our latest butt that we took to a cookout on Saturday. There was very little pork left and even less of this sauce. Excellent work on it! Everyone wanted to know what it was!
I made this sauce substituting beef stock for the meat drippings and thought it was excellent. I'll definitely try it with the meat drippings in the future too.

I'm planning to make a big batch (probably sized off a 46 oz bottle of ketchup, which works out to about 6 batches) for a big cookout coming up. I suspect I'll have a decent amount leftover, though. How long should this sauce keep? The base recipe seems like it should keep a long time in the fridge, but I suspect the addition of either meat drippings or stock would significantly reduce the shelf life. Thoughts?
It would depend on the quantity of the drippings and whether they were (mostly) defatted. Defatted drippings of just a few T per recipe would not significantly shorten the shelf life. A greater quantity, especially if containing fat, might lessen the life to 2-3 weeks.

If using homemade stock or dripping from a cook done ahead of the time of sauce preparation, treat them as you would meat, i.e., cool quickly and store in the fridge. With those protocols, shelf life is one of a quality issue, not a food safety issue.

An alternative is to freeze excess sauce in smaller quantities, either by vac-packing or in freezer containers.

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That's what my first paragraph in the last post referred to--fridged sauce. The shelf life of the fridged sauce might be shortened to a couple or three weeks with stock or drippings (especially drippings) depending on the quantity added to the sauce and the fat content. If basic safety protocols were adhered to when the stock or drippings were prepped then shortened shelf life is a quality issue. Meat juices, especially if they contain appreciable fat, have a shorter life. The acids in the sauce will help to extend their life but this is limited as both exposure to oxygen and light will take their toll.