New to Me 22.5" WSM

Well, I bought this yesterday as soon as I saw it. Used to own an 18 inch model, but got into pellet cooking. Missed the charcoal and wood flavor. So, sold the pellets and here I am! Felt like this was an incredible deal, with the mods already on it plus the temperature control unit. Did I do OK?


Chris W.

That's a great deal! I paid $275 for my used 22 and it had no mods, but the seller threw in a bunch of wood and two chimneys.

John K BBQ

Yep, definitely a good score! Let us all know how your first cook goes. I'm interested in your comments/comparisons between the pellet smoker vs the WSM.

The pellet smoker idea is appealing but I think the WSM is so much more versatile, I'll probably never own a pellet smoker. I've got the 22 WSM, a 3 burner genesis, a Weber Kettle, and a PK 360, and the WSM 22 is definitely my favorite to cook on.