New to forum. New to BBQ in TN

Chuck Elkins

New member
Just started BBQ during lockdown in TN. Bought my first WSM 18.5 used. Found this forum watching Harry Soo and he recommended it. Love the YouTube channel too.

Seth Boardman

TVWBB Member
Let's see. Pork Butt (couple of times), turkey breast, St Louis Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, whole chicken, brats, chorizo, chicken quarters, and brisket. having a blast. The Pork Butt is the family fave.
Sounds pretty good! I've done pork shoulder, chicken thighs, beer can chicken, ribs, and cheese. My next smoke will hopefully be some brisket and lasagna! Pork butt is our favorite to. I get pulled pork sandwiches at restaurants and other places that are known for bbq and they honestly aren't as good as mine.