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Chris Allingham

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Weber's Real Grilling

Anyone purchased this new book from Weber? Let us know what you think, if you have.

Looks a lot like their Big Book of Grilling in terms of layout, same author, same photographer, etc. But apparently, this new book has a full-color photo for each recipe, tabbed chapters, and page flags that you can use to mark your favorite recipes. Great ideas!

I looked at it in the book store over the weekend. Didn't have time to give it a good 'in depth' look. But it looked like it would be a good book to have if you like doing the more gourmet grilling. Very comperable in looks to a Williams-Sonoma type grilling book.
I bought the book a couple of weeks ago and have only tried one recipe. The meatballs were excellent. I took a cooking class with Jamie Purviance (author) as the teacher. He said this this book has recipes for the weekday griller. Easy to find ingredients and quick recipes to prepare. His first book, "The Art of the Grill" was meant to be the high end gourmet entertaining cookbook. His second book "Webers Big Book of Grilling" was meant to be the all around grilling book and good read. This is a good cookbook to sit on the coffee table as it has some funny stories in it. "Real Grilling" is meant for the quick and easy put something together after work cookbook.

By the way, he is a really nice guy and has signed all my books. He is teaching another class but I will be out of town.
I checked it out of the library and looked through it. It has a lot of recipes that look very simple. There are a lot that state only 15 minutes prep time, followed by longer cooks on the grill. At least the fun part lasts a while.

Overall, it is another great Weber book. Lots of great sounding recipes. Great organization and as always tremendous full color pictures that make your mouth water.

I am going to cook up some of the recipes that I tagged next week.
Gosh - another book to consider buying. I just ordered "How To Grill" from Amazon (thru this board of course) a few minutes ago - and now another book?

I'll wait until I get HTG and read some other posts about the Weber book before deciding.

I picked up the "Real Grilling" book while waiting for my New Weber to arrive. It was a very good read for me and very informative.

The Pictures are beautiful! The Photographer really makes everything look tasty.
Hey Chris

I just picked this up last night.Seems like most recipes are fairly easy .Without having to buy a lot of specialtie ingredients.I will wear this one out this summer.

The San Jose Mercury News ran an interview in the Food Section today with the author, Jamie Purviance, and he specifically commented on what Jeff said: That the recipes use no specialty ingredients...he said you'll find everything you'll need at Safeway.

I got a copy, and I like the tabs inside the back cover that you can pull off and mark your favorite recipes.

Originally posted by Sheldon:
The site is the "trailer" for the book. It contains some useful info and several well made slides for illustrating cooking techniques on a grill.
Very nice site...looks like they took lessons from Chris.
Just got this book for my birthday yesterday - I am going to try the Pork Rib Chops with Memphis Dry Rub first - they look delicious!!

I love the Weber cookbooks, they don't repeat recipes, and are pretty easy to follow.
I bought it awhile back and it's a outstanding cookbook. A large variety of recipes with easy to find ingredients. I've tried many of the recipes and found all to be great! I would recommend it to beginners and seasoned grillers alike!
I think Real Grilling is one of the best books available devoted to grilling. The author, Jamie Purviance, is working on his next book and is looking for input from grillers. He is developing a website for grillers to submit tips, stories and recipes. I'll post a link when it is available.

Just "bumped" into this book over the weekend, probably bought it because the pictures were so great......and COSTCO's price seamed reasonable. There are a number of items I want to try right away. It immediately moved to the top of my "grill books owned" (I only have a few though).I wish it were spiral bound though.
Thanks for the info on the Tabs....I must have missed them.....did not know they were there.
I wish it were spiral bound though.

Kinko's will put a spiral binding on for you at a reasonable cost. I recently had Raichlins "How To Grill" done with a spiral binding for under $6. It now lays flat and is easier to use.

Originally posted by Ray Crick:
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">I wish it were spiral bound though.

Kinko's will put a spiral binding on for you at a reasonable cost. I recently had Raichlins "How To Grill" done with a spiral binding for under $6. It now lays flat and is easier to use.

Ray </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Interesting -will call K and see how long it takes,may do afew books this way.
Thanks for the tip.

Great book and companion to Weber's Big Book of Grilling, but it was hard to top the Big Book of Grilling. I got a copy of Real Grilling shortly after it came out. A lot of good practical tips on food and grill preparation, sharp photos and what look like winner recipes. Have tried a few beef recipes and they have been excellent. If Big Book of Grilling is an A+ (which I think it is) then this one deserves an A-.