Never accept a wrapped roast

Brad Olson

TVWBB All-Star
A few days before Christmas I made an impulse stop at a meat market that I passed on my way home from my parents' house. I was thinking about grabbing just a steak for supper but I made the mistake of stopping when I was hungry, and since the marquee was saying that I should "Order Your Holiday Roast Now" I asked how long it would take to have a rib roast cut. When the counterwoman said they could do it right away I threw caution to the wind and asked for a 3-bone roast with a full-length, 1/2" fat cap and the ribs still attached. At this point I should mention that I've bought meat at this market before and have never had any issues, but this was the first time I'd asked for something custom. After about 10 minutes or so (which gave me more time to make more impulse purchases) the checkout girl met me at the register and handed me the paper-wrapped roast...a roast that I never actually saw.

I don't know if there was a communication breakdown or the shop just wanted to pawn off an already-cut roast on me, but what I got was not what I asked for. Here it is hiding under an herb & oil rub so it might be a little tough to tell, but the fat cap was way too thin, the ribs had been separated and tied back on, and the rib ends had even been frenched!

It grilled up fine on the rotisserie so it wasn't a total loss, but I was way too trusting this time and from now on I'm going to be sure to ask to see any special orders before I pay for them. And I'll go back to ordering expensive cuts from the shop I usually use, too.


Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Well, it sure looks wonderful. I know your frustration. I had the almost exact experience during the Christmas Sale this past year. I went into the market, Safeway, for a nice 4 or 5 bone rib roast. He said he'd have to cut it. I said OK and asked him if he'd "hinge" the bones. He said yes an pretty soon he was back at the scale getting ready to wrap. I don't know why but I yelled over to him, "You didn't completely cut off the bones, did you?". He looked at me, rather apologetically, and said yes he did. He brought it over to me and said he'd cut me another one if I'd rather. He apologized and even said he'd heard me say hinged and after assuring me he could still sell it to someone else who didn't care about the bones attached or not, I had him cut me another one.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I try to hang around and let them know I want to see it before it gets wrapped. There is one guy I might call and have them have one ready from but, only one guy around here.