Need a little help - Genesis 5000 clip for slide out table broke...



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Hey everyone.

Been a bit since I've posted, but lurk every day.

My Genesis 5000 that Joe A. refurbed and I purchased about 4 years ago ran into its first snag: the clip that slides back/forth to support the bar that supports the flip up table on the right side of the grill broke. My guess is, because it's a plastic piece, that heat/weather/age just got the best of it.

Are there any sources for the part (I've been unsuccessful in my search) or is there something that someone has fabricated that I could copy to fix it? Hate to lose that valuable table space as summer is just getting started.

Appreciate any help!

Thanks, I just ordered 1. Mine looked like it was starting to crack, possibly I needed to remove this 27-year-old piece of plastic more gently.
“The world’s an imperfect place, screws fall out all the time.”
Or “plastic parts crack all the time”
I picked up two of them, just in case and, I don’t know where I put them!🤣