My weekly chix grill


John Wheeler

Was busy all weekend working on the house, so I took Monday to cook some chicken for the week. It was a heat wave ! Lmao

Did 3 breasts whole for the girls with just some camp mix. They end up getting sauced later. My 3 breasts got cut into strips. Half seasoned with fast eddys all purpose and half with a Texas apple cinnamon brown sugar rub. The couple in the middle got some of both.

Oops. Hit send. Lol. Part duex...

Gettin ready for some rubs.

Kissin some flames!

Some sauce for the girls

My plate on only the finest china!

With a baker and some veggies. Hopefully get a real cook in here soon. Thx for looking.
Thank you for all the kind words. It was only some chicken thingys and a few tata's. I hope to post a better excuse for a cook this weekend. It is good to know that even the simple cooks are appreciated. :)