My smoked trout dip


Andy Kaminski

No really seafood but it was a huge hit at our 4th of July party.
I used a food processor to blend the trout and cream cheese.
I then stirred in the rest of the items to get the crunchy texture and the taste I was looking for.
I purposely went light on the salt because I supplied salted crackers for dipping.
Lots of guests used items from the veggie tray to dip into the trout dip.
I kinda just used what we had on site.
If we had capers they would have found their way in it too (y).

1 - good half pound or so of smoked red meat trout but may be substituted with smoked salmon
1 - foil of smoked cream cheese
1/2 - foil non smoked cream cheeses
1 - stick of chopped celery
3/4 - can of chop water chestnuts
2- Tbs chopped dill start with one then add to suit
1/2 -cup chopped red onion
2 - minced garlic cloves
3 - chopped up green onions
2 - Tbs chopped chives
3 - Tbs sour cream
2 - or so dashes of kosher salt and ground pepper
2 - tsp of red chili flakes
2 - tsp paprika
served with parsley and chives for garnish
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Can you taste the trout!?
might be great but, not what I’d do with good smoked fish.
I’m off to good fresh fish territory, will make some notes about what I do.
Just how much is a “foil”? Typo for TBSP? Just curious.
Yes it does taste like trout.

Yeah my spelling and shorthand slang conversion sucks.
A foil is what I call a container of cream cheese I think it’s 16 oz maybe?
I don’t have one so I can’t check the actual weight.

I live dead smack in the heart of good fish territory.
I do like simple pan fried trout fillets basted in butter with lemon possibly better but for a side dish dip I prefer this or a ceviche over anything else.