Mountain Pies made with Crescents

So my son's favorite cooking device is the mountain pie maker. One like this.
And a few years back when we were planning to make fruit pies my wife had the idea of trying to use store bought butter crescents instead of bread. They are amazing!!!

Store bought full size butter crescents
Store bought fruit pie filling
Stick of softened butter

Preheat the mountain pie maker in the hot coals or fire pit. (We used the left over coals from a kettle pizza cook tonight and made ten mountain pies no problem.)
Cut a pocket into the crescent for the filling.
Fill crescents with fruit filling
Butter both sides of the the crescent.
Place into preheated mountain pie make and place on top of the coals/fire or a few inches above.
Cook, flip, check, repeat, eat.

They are one of the best deserts I have ever made or eaten!!