Member's Mark Performer Deluxe $150

Yeah guilty as charged and honestly it's a sharp looker. And seems well put together And BTW Sam's has the Pellet Pro on sale again at $199
I looked at that last year honestly I was not that impressed and certainly not for that price. You can easily find a Performer used for under 200 with gas assist I paid something like 85 bucks for mine years ago used of course put an sns deluxe into it, stainless baskets and a stainless grate so into it for around 215 bucks. To me the best bang for the buck is to find a used Performer and there are plenty around.

Here is a link to this from a year ago John from NJ was not impressed.

I bought my Weber Performer Deluxe new for $550 here in Costa Rica in the year 2020 and promptly fitted-it With a SNS Plus their DripNGriddle pan and Cajun Bandit Rotisserie.As of this date I still remain one-happy Weber,SNS and Cajun Bandit Customer :)


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There's an old thread discussing this but I could not find it.
This is on sale now for $124.91 at Sams in Reno. Check your local. Can't pass up a deal like that so will be picking one up Tuesday. Hopefully, I won't be banished to the doghouse for too long:)

Got a couple of smiles reading reviews on it. Most common gripe is that it doesn't have a lid thermometer. Another one I got a laugh out of is the hinged lid doesn't work for him because he can't change the upper vent location for indirect cooks:) Guess this person lacks the technology needed to change the orientation of the fire and/or grate as needed. Most common question is, "Can you use any brand charcoal in it?) Sheesh! Product reviews get more entertaining all the time.