Maverick et-73 mod

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The Maverick claims it's transmitter (not the receiver) is water proof. My Maverick transmitter has sat out in the rain many times, no problem. The OS model doesn't appear to state anywhere that it is even water resistant.

Personally, I'd have a hard time spending so much extra on two OS units when they don't claim water resistance.

Despite my own experience with lost connections and range issues Maverick still gets my vote for best bang for the buck in the wireless BBQ remote therm category.

I have left my OS's out in the rain w/ no problem, but it really wouldn't be any big deal to put the unit in a plastic bag would it?

As for bang for buck, I see no value in junk at any price. The Maverick with it's lack of range and lack of alarm to let you know when
you have gone out makes it worse than no thermometer at all. There is no value in that at any price to me.

Just my $.02 worth.
I am in contact with Randy Owen, the president of Thermoworks, makers of the Thermapen, discussing some of the shortcomings of the available wireless thermometers. He has indicated a willingness to develop a wireless transmiting thermometer of high quality and dependability. His concern is the price point. What are we willing to pay for reliable temp probes and dependable, long range wireless transmission? The higher the price the market will bear, the better product we can get. He needs some assurance of a market before beginning production. I will be posting this survey in a multitude of forums, so PLEASE reply to me in email so I can find all replies in one location. You may also post replies to the forums for discussion purposes, but I may not see all of those. The question is: What is the maximum price you would be willing to pay for a wireless transmitting thermometer with a grill temp probe and a meat temp probe, with reliable probes and excellent wireless range? The projected probe life is five to ten times that of current units like the Maverick, Polder, Oregon Scientific, AccuRite, etc.; and the unit will be all weather.
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I will keep you posted as I continue communications with Mr. Owen

Michael Guerra,M.D.
Kerrville, TX
I think that they should consider two price ranges, one for the not so serious, and one for the serious. Most of the folks I know that have a Mav et 73 would pay $75 for a well built quality unit that does what the ET 73 is supposed to do.

I also have several friends that have oregon Scientific Aw 131 units that would be interested in something of that quality that is just a plain thermo ( doesn't talk) for slightly less $.

I own 3 Therma pens. They cost about $90.
Why would they not be able to sell a quality wirelss in the same price range?
It seems fresh batteries might help, but my Maverick is better than no Maverick. That's for sure. I can put the receiver on the nightstand and smoke on the front porch or out back, no problem.
They have come out with the ET-732 and it will be shipping in the next few days. the on off switch is gone in favor of an external button, the range issue has been fixed, there is now an audible alarm if you go out of range, as well as a few issues being addressed.

You can order them at
I realize this is an old thread and this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, but I am sooooo pleased with how simple this mod was to do and how much it increased range. I recently moved my "cook's corner" about 3 feet from where I was located which resulted in the reciever not getting a good signal from the transmitter when placed next to my baseball/nascar/football watchin chair. I placed a wire in the empty hole on the receiver antenna circuit board, drilled a small hole for the wire in the case, and WOW what a HUGE difference!
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...Or you couold just discard your antique thermometer and get one that hasn't got any range issues, or tiny switch issues, or one that lets you know if you go out of range........

...or I could fix what I already have with a piece of wire I had layin around, take five minutes to install it, and not spend a dime. hmmmm ~$60 vs free. I like free...and I fixed it myself which gives me self satisfaction.