Making a 1997 Skyline 520LP (as) pristine (as I can)


Hi all!

Just bought my first older model Weber! Purchased off CL in Bay Area -- probably payed too much at $175, but it worked well and was much cheaper than the new ones.

I really love the lean, minimal design of this model. All sharp corners and clean lines w/ subtle grayscale color scheme. And as a kid who grew up not far from Chicago during MJ's heyday, the skyline logo doesn't hurt! I'm not overly concerned w/ cost as this isn't a flip, just hoping to restore it to near-pristine w/ the original design principals retained.

Some notes from purchase:
  • Ran hot w/ no mechanical issues, burners looked new
  • Box appeared to have been painted
  • Some fading on top of lid
  • Durawood sidetable was rusted and bent
  • Chipped a control knob while setting up
  • Catch pan had deteriorated
  • Wheels were worn, w/ logo liner falling out
  • Logo medallion was faded
  • Missing warming rack
  • Missing propane level decal
  • Grates were not SS, but not sure if porcelain-coated steel or cast iron
I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go along, but to begin am curious how I can tell difference between steel and cast iron grates? I know the CI will be heavier, but not sure by how much. Also open to general thoughts and recommendations!


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Flip the grates over. If they are concave, then they are steel. If they are solid, they are cast iron. Your are steel. We call those stamped steel grates as they are not solid rod stainless steel grates.

It looks like you have a great base grill for a restore there. Good luck and keep us posted.


Hi Dan,

The big bottom trays are getting hard to find. You can patch the aluminum if needed.

Other than that looks good. All the internals are still available from Weber or after-market parts


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Looks like the drip pan is simply corroded. It may clean up fine. Word of caution the drip pan is not the same sized as the 3 burner grills. It's unique to the 2 burner


Hi all, thanks for the feedback.

Drip pan was filled w/ holes -- bought a fresh one at Ace.

Cleaned out the bottom grease tray a bit, looks okay now but could probably be cleaned a bit more.

Bought a few items from and, but wasn't happy w/ some of the newer parts
  • new wheels were shiny and clean, perfect match
  • durawood was also great (more on that later)
  • didn't like the replacement knob (big and bulky), so found a set of originals on ebay
  • prefer the older logo for this grill, sansserif is cleaner (anyone know when the logo changed?); going to paint and sand the old medallion and use that
Back to the Durawood shelf -- on the old one the interior slat was bent inward. After using the new one for a few days, it's also bent inward. It looks like there might be a missing heat guard that bolts in against the grill adjacent to the durawood. Why would anyone take that off? Strange.


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Kyle in Woodstock

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Back to the Durawood shelf -- on the old one the interior slat was bent inward. After using the new one for a few days, it's also bent inward. It looks like there might be a missing heat guard that bolts in against the grill adjacent to the durawood. Why would anyone take that off? Strange.

There is supposed to be a heat guard on the left side between the side table and the frame. Maybe when the original owner was assembling they didn't read directions and just tossed that part.

Jon Tofte

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Looks like you are going to have a nice Skyline. Welcome to the club!

Skyline Club logo.jpg

Yes, that two-burner should have a heat shield to try and help protect the durawood. (It helps but isn't a guarantee of no melting issues :confused: .)

I like that you are going for an "original" look which was very minimalist for this grill. I am actually wanting to go in the other direction for myself, but that is all part of the fun of this hobby.

I think Weber changed their logo around 1999 or thereabouts. The "newer" Silver/Gold/Platinum had the new style logo which they still use today. The older one does seem to fit better with the look it sounds like you are trying for. My best restore was an extended cart custom Skyline (since sold:cry:). I decided to go with the new logo and paint it in full color:


Oh, and being a Chicago White Sox fan, I added one other custom touch and large black knobs:


Lots of ways to make a classic Weber look good. I like the stock original look but also many of the great custom work you will see here.


Nice pickup Dan! I will be a member of the Skyline club tomorrow. Picking up a three burner model. Wasn’t looking for one but just wanted a cheap one for parts.
Thanks! Oh cool, I've only ever seen two-burner Skylines available.

Something funny while I was cleaning out the inside of the grill today -- realized that the firebox isn't bolted to the frame at all! It had seemed a bit wobbly before, but w/ the propane tank hanging on it kept it fairly firmly secured. How is the firebox usually bolted to the frame?


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The cook box is only connected with a bolt through the cook box and left frame cross member. Or it should be.


So I found this spacer bracket (heat guard), but it has three screw holes, while the frame of my Skyline only has two holes (one in the middle and one on the left) to secure it. It is, however, the correct length.

Does anyone know if the Spirit 500 (Skyline 520) had a different spacer bracket than the contemporaneous Genesis models?


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I believe the Genesis 1000's only use the center bolt to fasten on the heat sheild.


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That is correct they only use one. IIRC the shield is a 2 piece affair riveted together. But, I can look at my own grill to check that