Lodge grill

I reported it, there was another link in another thread by the same person.
Reported that too. Appears to have been maybe just a bot, the link was just spam, I clicked on it regretfully but nothing bad happened.

J Grotz

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If anyone in SoCal wants a Lodge Sportsman's Grill, here's one:



$175. Not mine.

Richard in NS

Yep I find the same problem luckily there a Cabela's near me and a Bass Pro in Calgary about 2.5 hours away. They have a decent selection of Lodge.
Yeah, there is a Cabela’s an hour away from me in Halifax but the city is locked down so no non-essential travel there for at least a month. Friend of mine bought a Cabela’s brand CI frying pan and is really happy with it. He opened a few until he found a nice smooth one. It was a lot cheaper.