Live oak wood


Dave S

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Hey everyone, sorry to be missing for the last 6 months but........that's another story and another time, I'm ok. Question for my southern BBQ friends, my neighbor did some major trimming on his live oak trees, I took some big stuff home, question, only living down here a short time I never used wood from a tree that didn't drop its leaves. Where does live oak fall (deciduous?), is it a good smoke wood?

I had it once on BBQ tween the Florida and Georgia line in a town called Live Oak. I thought it was a very mild smoke taste for oak ( sorta lame )

So I'm in NoCal and we have 4 dominant oak species here. Live, blue, black and valley. Valley is a sponge and worthless for smoke or heat wood. Blue and black have a thick bark and make good smoke wood and a decent heat wood but build a lot of ash. Live oak is my number 1 for heat wood and I think it makes great smoke wood too. Unless it is a super old tree it has a nice thin bark that does not make a real harsh smoke. It's a real hard wood and burns nice and consistent. In my opinion for my region the live oak is the best smoke wood. I've over smoked beef with both blue and black oak. Not sure about regional differences but I'm in the foothills of the mighty Sierra Nevada range and our live oak is not desidious and considered an interior live oak. I know costal live oak is different but now nothing about its BTUs or smoke quality. Regardless though I think all live oaks species are not desidious.
Thanks guys, I'm sure it will be ready to use soon, and will let everyone know the results, it will be interesting storing oak next to my orange wood in the mild smoke section