Let's Go!

hope the weather on the 25th is ten times better than it is today, the 6th...
88 today in Raleigh, but, but, but, no grills allowed at my apartment. Want to see a grown man cry?
This is going to be fun. I wasn't a member at that time last year, joined in June. I pinned my location on the map and have a goodie in mind to smoke up. I love this place. :)
I suppose, but I don't have a garage & apartment is on 3rd floor.

The complex does have some public use grills, but they do not say "WEBER" on them.

I will make that a priority. I'll be in NC for the holiday weekend without my wife. You can help keep me out of trouble.

I have had to move my smoke day back a week, so anyone travelling through Calgary on the May long, follow your nose and drop on by.. Should be some food for the eeetin.. ;)
New to the site and I am really excited about this. I have been using my 18 wsm about 7 years now, but DW is getting me a 22 incher for my bday on 23rd. Not sure what I will be cooking yet, but probably something that takes up space to test out the new wsm. This is gonna be fun.