Let's Clean Out Some Old Gas Valves


G Schafer

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Taking a break from my other project, so I decided to clean up some old gas valves to get ready for the upgrade to natural gas.
First step was to remove the gas valves from the manifolds. A 3/4" wrench and vice made quick work of it.

A minute or two on the wire wheel to clean up each valve. Don't need comments about that open junction box...

Two down, one to go.

I didn't want to wire wheel the interior part of the valve, so a couple of seconds with some Nevr-Dull cleaned up that area.


I used a straw on the carburetor cleaner spray to clean out the small passage ways. Make sure to protect your eyes!!


Don't forget the passage way at the bottom of the valve body! (I must be at the picture limit. Wait for it!)



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G Schafer

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Here's that pic:

That's the entry to a passageway shown here:

I put it back together with a very thin film of grease here: (Don't risk plugging up those tiny orifices)


And here:


You don't want to end up with something like this. Not much gas will flow through that!


I put it the valves back together and decided to pack this area with grease too.



J Grotz

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Wow, those look nice! I feel like such a slacker now since I didn’t remove the valve bodies from the manifold!


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Nice work. Not sure if packing that top area with grease is the best since opened like that it will attract dust and grime. I still think there it's best to use very light film and the rubber discs pushed down the stem to shield

G Schafer

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I will still use the rubber discs. I see your point about attracting dust, but I was thinking that it would keep the dust out.
I guess if it worked for 35 years, there's no need to improve it. However, maybe it had grease there 35 years ago?