kettle vs wagon type grill


Paul G.

TVWBB Emerald Member
Do you have an opinion on the kettle style grill versus the wagon style, rectangular grill. For instances, raising and lowering the charcoal grate, cast iron cooking grate, capacity etc.



I have been a kettle guy since childhood. That's what my dad cooked on, so for me it was established as the gold standard. I learned its capacities and limitations, and my skills developed around its design. Now it's like a muscial instrument I have played all my life. Give me a recipe and I'll make it work on a kettle.

I have had some experience with the wagon-style grills. I rememeber helping a friend of mine from cooking school cater a big party. Obviously it was great to have a huge amount of cooking area, but I was grilling lamb chops and they flared up into an inferno. With no lid, I had no other choice than to move them off to indirect heat. There they didn't sear very well. I'm sticking with the kettle.