Keri's Hog-Apple Baked Beans

Just mixed up a batch of these for the first time for a cookout this afternoon. They smell awesome already. I can't imagine how good they're going to be after cooking for an hour.

EDIT: Great stuff. Even the "I don't like beans" people loved 'em.
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I built a batch of these and they were sooooooooo good that I kept looking over my shoulder for the FOOD POLICE....


I know there are a lot of great recipes on this site, but DAMN, serve this one at YOUR OWN RISK...

I, being the slimbag that I am, told everyone that it was MY SECRET BAKED BEAN RECIPE....

OK, so I lied..... but that is my story and I am going to stick to it.
I made a double batch of these for a 4th of July party. GONE! Lots of folks asking for the recipe. I smoked a couple of fatties with some chicken thighs a few days before just so I could incorporate that fattie goodness into this great recipe.
Oh, and a crock pot works well for this too.
Keri, I brought these in to a work function a month or so ago, now I cam commanded to bring them in again today! I used brisket point from my cook last Saturday for the meat portion...these beans always please!

ETA: Well I brought a 5 quart crock pot full, and it is now empty!
I made these yesterday, had to improvise a bit because some of the ingredients aren't readily availably on this side of the pond.

I used Bush beans that I got as a gift from a member of the Dutch BBQ forum so I was lucky there. We don't have any apple pie filling in cans or glass jars, so I used coarse apple sauce for that.

Smoked them 2 hours in my WSM with hickory wood.

The end result was fantastic, best beans I've made so far, nice and spicy, but not too hot, sweet, just perfect!

Thanks for this recipe, Keri!!
I have made these couple of times using bacon without any other meat. This must be one of the best (side)dishes I've ever tasted. Thanks for sharing.
Made a batch of these this weekend with some leftover pulled pork from the prior weekend. We used Big Rick's bbq sauce with them (excellent sweet with a spicy follow up) and they were excellent. Almost more like a chili it was so thick and meaty. Excellent recipe, will definitely make again. Matter of fact, I saved the point from my high heat brisket this weekend. This would go perfect in the beans...
I'm a big fan of these beans, just like everyone else.
I've been asked to cater the Black Friday Employee Lunch at work, and I'm making this recipe for 30 people.
I'll triple all the ingredients, but my main question is:
How much is this going to make? What volume serving pan should I get? 1 Gal, 2 Gal??
the last batch of these i did i took a jimmy dean maple sausage roll and rubbed with wolfe rub and smoked with hickory. then i chunked it up into the beans.i also used the wolfe rub and sweet baby ray's for the sauce best batch yet and i plan to do it again tomorrow.
Made these yesterday with Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and Spicy sauce and Chorizo sausage. Tasty, tasty, tasty.

Making some beanie weenies with the left overs for lunch this wee.
Keri, I used your Hog apple baked bean recipe for Mother's day and had a big family gathering. I will also say I smoked 3 delicious chicken's however the apple beans stole the show! I had numerous people going back for 2nd and even 3rd servings of those bad boys. Love 'em in Kent Ohio!
Need to have these in a slow cooker to keep them at temp for a mid-day pot-luck at work. So, some questions...

Prepare ingredients night before and then combine and cook in the slow cooker in the morning?

Bake them earlier in the week and store in the (removable) crock pot dish in the fridge until the day of and use the slow cooker to bring them up to temp?...

Made them before and loved them, but don't have any experience altering techniques from stove/oven to a slow cooker... Would appreciate the help.

I smoked a couple of butts this weekend in anticipation of making a large insert pan for myself and another for a friend next Saturday. Then this evening another friend called and wants 2 pans for a party, looks like I will be busy Saturday morning.
I've made these numerous times with great success. You can modify if you wish with fine results but as written in 5 stars. Thanks Keri!
Decided to go ahead and make these along with everything else I'm preparing. I want to cook them in the smoker, because I believe I'll have a free rack - and I want to use a cast iron pot - BUT which do you guys who've made it recommend?

4 qt?


5 qt?

Keri, just wanted to say thanks!

I used some smoked Spanish paprika in addition, and some good quality Saigon Cinnamon. I think the cinnamon really added a depth. They were great before I added it, but after, even better.

Thanks again.
Originally posted by Justin Northcutt:
I used some smoked Spanish paprika in addition, and some good quality Saigon Cinnamon.

I've been watching the raves on this recipe but between the apple pie filling, bush's baked beans and another 1/2 cup brown sugar they sound more like dessert to me.

But you can't really argue with 8 pages worth of posts on how much the crowd loves them.
I made this over the weekend with some pulled pork. The beans stole the show, they were great! I used the cayenne, I love the way it finishes with a little spice. I'm not sure if anyone already mentioned this but I used a potato masher to breakup the apples, it worked well.
Just made these for a pot luck/BBQ tomorrow afternoon.

Only subs I made:
1 Browned the bacon, removed it (I'm keeping the crispy bits to add tomorrow).

2 Used a smoked ham steak (on sale today) and cubed it. (I had no leftover smoked pork).

Followed the rest of the recipe "as is"... AWESOME!


Buttermilk cornbread: