Keri's Hog-Apple Baked Beans

Has anyone ever tried to make this recipe with fresh apples? Just curious...I am going to make these for the first time Memorial Day weekend and was thinking of maybe trying to saute fresh apples instead of using canned pie filling...maybe use golden delicious apples?
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Has anyone ever tried to make this recipe with fresh apples? Just curious...I am going to make these for the first time Memorial Day weekend and was thinking of maybe trying to saute fresh apples instead of using canned pie filling...maybe use golden delicious apples?

I saw that someone earlier said they used the fresh apples and they turned out great. I followed the original recipe on Saturday for my cookout and everyone was asking for the recipe. Everyone was going back for seconds, these are legendary!
Okay, I'll jump in since this thread keeps going. WOW THESE ARE GREAT! I made them for the first time this past weekend for a neighborhood party. There were many comments and several asked for the recipe. One friend liked them so much he's making them tonight... yes on a Monday! If you haven't tried them yet what are you waiting for? This many people can't be wrong, they are a crowd favorite.
Keri, bless her heart, has created a definite classic with this recipe. I have made this as a go to favorite for a number of times, always with great success. My only changes are very subtle - I use 1/2 can apple pie filling chopped up, 1 lb Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage for the meat, 1/2 cup Baby Ray's original and 2 large jalapenos (Embasa in Escabeche) chopped and seeded for a little kick. This is a highly requested recipe. Note: For fun - Make a BBQ Sundae - Put baked beans in small bowl, top that with 3 or 4 sausage crumbles and top that with a small spoon of cole slaw followed by a dab of sour cream. Looks attractive and tastes great.
I know this is just adding to the what has already been said...but...I just made these beans and they were just tremendous...

I made sure my apples were chopped relatively fine and that made all the difference so you got all flavors in every bite.

My wife started out with a small bowl of beans and then reached for a much larger bowl the second go ' son asked to take the leftovers home for his roommates and there were rave reviews all around.

The best I've ever had.
Well, I'm going to smoke these beans up for my little daughter's birthday party (on Memorial day no less!) and I am looking forward to seeing how they come out!

I have already smoked 7 spare rib racks worth of trimmings (LOTS!) and that is what is gong to the be the meat in the beans. I picked up the apple pie filling today and am going to be using 1 jalepeno pepper and 1 serrano pepper for heat in the spicy beans and I will be making a batch of mild beans as well. (2 cans of Bushs per batch so 4 cans total)

I'll post a post-eatin' report. Thanks for the recipe!
I did these (double recipe) as a side dish for a crowd. all gone (again). Can't say enough about how great this recipe is!
THANKS for sharing this recipe! I tried it over the weekend, and this is my new go-to recipe for baked beans. I used red bell peppers instead of green, and it still worked well.
Well, they came out really great with lots of smoke but I don't think I ever got them hot enough in the bottom of the kettle because they stayed thin and didn't thicken up hardly at all. The consistency when cold was perfect, when I served them they were too soupy for my taste. They still got rave reviews but now I know for next time.

Thanks for the recipe!
I made these today and followed the recipe on page 1, I even sent away for the BBQ sauce and rub, they came out REALLY good, I will make this again for sure,
Thanks for the recipe
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Last minute question here if anybody with knowledge of this recipe is around. I want to make these tomorrow to serve with Brisket and Pork Shoulder and I have all of the ingredients except "apple pie filling". I do however have cut up apple slices in my freezer that still look pretty good. Question; Do I need to mix the apples with sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, cornstarch, etc? or just use the apples slices? Do you need the extra sweetness of the sugar, etc?

Thanks for any guidance,

Little bit of pie filling stuff (cinnamon,sugar etc..) like you mentioned should turn out o.k. This is my go to recipe for beans. You will not be disappointed.
Well, I did finally go to the store and get a can of apple pie filling and made this recipe and it was great.
Jack, I'm glad you like this recipe. To answer your question about using fresh apples, I have done that before. I peeled and diced two gala apples and sauted them in with the bacon grease with the onion and green pepper, and increased the brown sugar by just a bit - maybe 2 Tbs or so. I didn't think about the cinnamon, Dave - probably would have been a good touch. If the apples aren't quite done they leave a bit of a little crunch that appeals to me. If they're cooked tender, they blend in and are almost unidentifiable other than lending their general flavor.

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My last take on Keri's hog apple beans... (The original post)

My godson is shipping out to the army on Wednesday he's having a big going away party tomorrow. I'm making beans for the party tomorrow. I will never make another batch that will ever taste this good.

1lb of bacon...

+1 vidalia onion


+ 1 red and 1green bell...


2lbs of smoked pork neck...


+ a few cans of Bush's, a can of apple pie filling, hot sauce, brown sugar, BBQ rub, BBQ sauce, mustard and wostershire sawze...

If you take nothing else from this board... please try these beans!