Just a breast and a pork loin this year


Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Number for feast is down to an easily manageable 8 this year. One turkey breast and a nice pork loin, sweet potato crunch (I’m adding a ginger snap crust for fun this year), mashed potatoes, cornbread sausage croissant dressing, Brussels sprouts, corn casserole, creamed pearl onions, dinner rolls, Boonzaaijer “Turkey cake”!
Pictures to follow, if I’m not too busy.
Spent time getting the feast table cleared and dressed, my grandmothers silver candlesticks and cake server polished, wife‘s grandmothers plates all set, serving pieces all washed and I will “dry fit“ it all in the morning, I’ve been busy, ready to hit the rack!
You bet Fletch!
I’m sad to share that “Youze Guys” has not survived, he made it through the lockdown but, two of his commercial accounts that were big clients did not. I really miss going in there and giving Chris a hard time and walking out with fifty bucks worth of sausage laughing all the way to the grill!
I have not done a single string trussing in a very long time, I should have started with twice the twine but, I can tie a square knot.
Right now, sides are waiting for the judicial application of heat. Will light the kettle in about half an hour.
and rubbed,
I wish I could learn how to do that
We will talk…

But, now the rest of the feasting! It was a pretty good one, requests for ham have been placed for Christmas!
You know, it’s great having a good bakery right down the street! Desserts are not an extra project every time. Yay!!
Emptied the washer this morning and have loaded a second round in, some wine glasses to do by hand (too tall) and the meat platter (too long) some silver serving ware knives and carving forks but, Heironymos (Bosch, the dishwasher) is back at work with the rest of the things from last night. I’m having coffee and will ease my way into the rest of the day. I’ll put the extra leaves away and the extra chairs back down where they belong as the weekend rolls on.


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