Jumbo Joe handle loose


wondering what other people are doing to deal with loose handles? The joe is about 3 years old now and Ive had to take mine off 4 times because the screw loosens up, thought about using gorilla glue on the threads and see if that helps, unfortunately I may have get another handle as this one may strip out , I really wish they had put the screw upward like the WSM!


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I think GG is a good idea. You could also add a drop on the bracket under the handle.



Not sure how the screw is fastened to the handle. Is it metal screw into wood? Or is it a metal bolt into metal “nut” or socket?

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High Heat Loctite #263 Red should do it, but it will never come off
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Just a drop of super glue will hold it in place and give when you have to remove it. Any more than a drop and the difficulty removing increases

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Jumbo joe with the high handle and heat shield ? The plastic handle screw comes loose ? That is odd as i have never seen a screw come loose on any plastic handle. Maybe stripped out a bit ? Maybe try a slightly larger screw ? You may have to sand down the side ov the screw to fit in the hole.