Is that a brisket?



My first brisket this weekend was a washout due to rain but I thought I'd go check out the selection of briskets at Sam's Club just the same to see what was available. I found the following cuts of meat, none of which I think is a "brisket" cut of meat.

They had (i) Beef Chuck Roll, (ii) Beef Striploin and (iii) Beef Ribeye.

These are all large, cryovacumed packages of meat, not steaks, but nothing said brisket. So, the question is "Is that a brisket?"

Russell Y suggested that I explore the main site for answers but the photo of a brisket on the main site says "beef brisket" which even a newbie such as me could figure out.

Can somebody please clear this up for me?

No. If it doesn't say 'brisket', it isn't. Brisket is brisket and is not called anything else.

If you do not see any in the case just ask at the counter.
Briskets are labeled as such, so none of what you saw were brisket.

I've found the supply of briskets at Sam's varies by location. My nearest one rarely has more than six whole packers and an equal number of flats to pick from. The Sam's in Des Moines (two hours away) generally has dozens to pick from.

The chuck roll use saw can be smoked for pulled beef. The COV striploins and ribeyes could be smoked but I think they're much better suited to cutting into steaks and grilling.