Is Chicago Doomed?

russ olin

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I was watching Josh Gates adventure show on the satellite a couple of nights ago. He started going off about the Mothman being sighted dozens of times on the tallest buildings in Chicago, several times on the ex Sears building. Even a video a guy took riding his bicycle with a helmet cam up in the sky it looked like a dragon from Games of Thrones flying around. Anyway he shows up about a year year & half before a major disaster kills many people. In Virginia in the 60's he seen on the bridge the day it collapse. 13 months to the day he was 1st reported to the police by 4 teenagers after he chased their car. He has been seen in Mexico before earthquakes. He was also seen around Chernobyl and we all know what happened there. So for the next year you may want to avoid these tall buildings. Could it be another terrorist attack? A big quake coming? If he is there only the Mothman knows. Just hope I don't see him around my neighborhood.


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Good thing I recently retired, used to install windows on tall buildings downtown.;)
Seen a few big hawks flying around and some drones, but no moth guy.


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I think the politicians in Chicago will take care of the city long before Mothman or Godzilla or anything else does.