Introduction from Netherlands


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Good morning forum members,

My name is Sander, 42y old/ young living near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Currently owning a Weber 57cm which has been my loyal companion for several years.

The barbequeing I do is of the enthusiast amateur level.
The majority is slow and low allthough a good occasional sear & grill is my favorite!

Thank you for letting me access this forum.
All your knowledge will be assimilated, resistance is futile!



Anne M.

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You should be inn autumn/winter time now. Do you still grill/bbq this time of year?

Anne M.

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DH said he prefers October when he can BEER BQ!!!!!! LOL
I have to admit that October/November is not my favourite time for grilling and BBQ, but for opposite reasons....
At over 42 oC, I don't feel much like tending a fire. I am sort of OK up to 40 oC though ;)
{lenty beer is needed for sure:)