Inaugural cook on G1K Restore, Never did them like this before.


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This goes against everything I know about tender ribs. Saw this recipe on McCormick's website of all places. Their version starts in the oven and ends up on the grill. Nah.....

Started this morning by prepping two racks of baby backs. Went for the smallish ones at about 2.5lbs each. Dry brined, wrapped in plastic and put in the fridge. Should've done this last night, but wasn't even sure what I was going to cook. Plus, ribs are thin enough that 6 hours with dry brine does the trick.


Next I grilled corn in the husk until it was partially done. Details on the corn are in the corn Throw Down. While the corn was on I prepped some potatoes for baking. Washed, then brushed on olive oil with some garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Pulled the ribs from the fridge and rubbed them thoroughly with McCormick's Smokehouse Maple rub.

Set the grill up for indirect by shutting off the center burner and ran the temp up to 375. Added two foil smoke pouches loaded with apple between the two front and two rear FB's to further the indirect effect and add some smoke. Put the potatoes in the basket, ribs in the middle and closed the lid.


While the ribs and potatoes cooked I made a baste for the corn. After one hour...yes, one hour...the ribs were pulling from the bone and they passed the toothpick test. The potatoes were perfect too, so I pulled the smoke pouches, returned the grill to direct heat and browned both sides. (This is the part where McCormick says to put them on the grill. Piffle.)


Put the taters and ribs in an unheated oven with foil over them to hold while I finished the corn.

Nice way to break in a grill!


Served dry, no sauce. Wonderful crust. Some spots even had a cute little smoke ring. The ribs were very juicy and unbelievably tender. I don't think I'd want to try this with spares, but baby backs make it a cinch. The rub got two huge thumbs up from all participants.
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