I'm passing on SmokeFire for now


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iPad or iPhone to a Samsung no problem at all!
<shrug> Just means that a suitable client has been baked into your devices. None of my monitors have that capability (FTM, I'm using ONLY the display capability, none of the embedded applications.) Point is that not everybody, and not every device, has that bridging capability.

David Munson

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I came back to the boards after noticing weber finally not denying market demands and bringing on a pellet grill.

Not good. I have an EE degree and experience with controllers and food industry temp controllers plus not following new product introduction practices.... Too many mechanical engineers in the mix not recognizing that the one device that controls the whole product, the most important thing of this is code and electronic sensors.

The modern temp controller used by this thing was established decades ago. It should be difficult to mess up custom code and freeze.

Is there space to add firebrick to reduce temperature swings? There is not enough thermal mass to keep the grill at a stedy temp with that small a cook pot. Not enough btu's in. I have two boxes of firebrick in my little old traeger.

I still think I am going to wait for someone to upgrade to this year's traeger and sell me their old one discounted.