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I will just leave this here



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I don't know, I just figured FB doesn't update an ad once it sells, but maybe they do. I've never looked for stuff that sold...why torture yourself like that?

I have a grill or two to flip. Seeing if any have been selling. It's still to early.

Jon Tofte

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That huge one is a DCS. They use ceramic rods as part if their grilling system. They still exist as far as I know, so at least not an orphan like that Electrolux.


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Propane tanks actually have a built in safety feature to mitigate the impact of accidentally dropping them. That's why the "handle" goes all the way around, you can't drop one and get a direct hit on the valve, assuming you drop on a flat surface. Welders and scientists know that bulk gas cylinders don't have this safety feature, instead if the cylinder is not secured it MUST be capped.


What d'ya'll make of this? Giving it away. Bottom shelf is completely rusted out. Grates appear to be stainless. Anything worth salvaging? Parts that could be used on project grills? Sure is a whole bunch of stainless. Looks like it's set up for natural gas. a777ee3192be48aebe83fe6a9bf115f9.jpg 472eb853ac4442efbe6ef81618afd075.jpg 4f3bebc5c3d0454bacd351064eb807a4.jpg

Jon Tofte

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First generation of the Genesis 300 series. It has the side burner controls. Some of us here call these "sidewinders" to contrast with the later 300 series grills where the controls were switched to the front.

I personally like these grills, since they kept the original Weber burner configuration. You could fab up a bottom for that and probably grill for years to come.