I think I've had it with FoodSaver!! *****

I have a GameSaverGameSaver Pro that my wife gave me for Christmas 2005. It is still going strong and it has seen a lot of and gets a lot of use! I guess I got a good one.
Another update to provide maybe helpful information.

The Pro 2300 by Weston is now about 13.5 years old. Still working fine. I had a power cord failure, easy fix. Recently the vacuum limit switch or the seals need replacement. Only because the auto stop function has started failing. I've ordered gaskets and a limit switch. I'll report back on that.

The unit still works fine otherwise just have to do a manual seal. Very pleased with the product after many years of use. I purchased the Pro2300 in 2008. Not bad. I've taken this on fishing trips and packed/sealed pounds of fish. It is a weekly user anywhere from 1-3 days a week as the chamber sealer took over daily duty. Parts still available from Weston but starting to get scarce. Not a bad run.

The ARY VP112 has served me well. After 6 years I had to replace the tray assembly for $152. That was April 2019. The plastic rim cracked and allowed vacuum to leak out while sealing. All worked well after that for another 3 years. Currently I have the same issue with the tray, the black plastic rim is cracked on this one now as well. The vp112 and vp112s are now discontinued. Parts are generally unavailable. A nice long run. But with the cracked rim I think it's likely this unit goes in the recycle if I can't get another tray. I'll be searching for a replacement chamber sealer.

There are 3 models/manufacturers I'm looking at for prosumer chamber sealer. ARY, Weston, Avid Armor. Right now Avid Armor has the lead in terms of price point.I do like a dual pump so that might lead me to one of the others. ARY support has told me they have no plans to replace the VP112/VP112s level product into their line up.
Hear's my latest:

The Weston Pro 2300 is now about 20 years old, replaced the power cord and the foam oval seals this year. Replace the sealing element tape. I bought a roll of the bar tape way back from Mcmaster-Carr and just cut to fit my sealers as needed. So all routine maintenance for the most part and not even much of that. I did replace the label that covers the control panel, but that was cosmetic as where you touch/press the buttons had worn through :) Thing is I can still get parts to repair this unit. Weston now sells Pro2100 which is the white version of mine and then the 2500 which is the updated SS, and the 2600 which has a digital display but virtually the same as the 2600. All 3 have the same technical specs. For an external sealer - I can't recommend Weston Pro series more. Invest now if you are a heavy home user and stop buying the cheaper units if you can afford one. The cheaper units just won't last, will cause frustration when you need them most - to me they are for occasional use and are not repairable.

All of the Airy, FS, Tilia systems I purchased for friends and family over the same 20 years are long deceased. Best performance was 5 years at best on those for a $300 unit from FS with the dual pump. I can't recommend them for anyone using an external bag sealer in any big way. I can still get all major parts for the Pro 2300 I currently own. Weston also sells cheaper units, I would now go with them perhaps if I was gifting one or needed something that is more "counter top friendly".

The 16" bar is key as well has the Hg. I can use large roll stock for large items, etc. Also for customizing and re-using bags you can just make a bunch, trip to fit etc and it handles the cycle time well. You just insert the edge of the bag/material and hit seall and not let the whole vacuum cycle run. Works fantastic.

These semi commercial units have a cycle time that is MUCH better than the department store sealers and have a wider seal.

Chamber Sealer Experience:
Regarding chamber sealers my experience has been interesting. These seem like a luxury to most due to the initial cost. I do find it true though that the the cost of the bags for the chamber sealers definitely can help pay back the initial cost. They are that much cheaper that the external bags. I use all heavy duty bags on both, and I clean test and reuse all of my bags. The chamber sealers will use either type bag. Since investing I actually use the chamber sealer daily and often time in a given week 3 times more than the external bag sealer.

I would stay away from lower priced chamber sealers if you can afford it - they will last so much longer and come with a longer warranty period. My first was an ARY Vacmaster VP 112. Initial cost was $520 in 2014. It lasted about 8 years as a daily user. During that time the sealing tray failed (developed a crack) and cost $150 for the part. Vacmaster has since discontiunued that product line and no longer sells parts so I had to replace.

I first picked a Galaxy GVMC12 which I really liked and was getting used to. It stopped holding vacuum though after just over 6 months of use and was a few days out of warranty. It has a nice footprint.

I replaced it with a Weston Pro 2500 Chamber Sealer - MN 651201. They sell now on Amazon for around $700. I have been running it hard now for 6 months. It's a bigger footprint and heavy, this won't be sitting on your kitchen counter and is not friendly for moving around much. I keep it on a stand (well - on top of a dorm fridge) in my basement work area. It's friendly for sealing jars (low profile vertical, quart jars lay down). It has a 2 year warranty. We will see how it goes but my expectations are high. Right now I love it and it's pretty much my daily user, sometimes several times a day. Chamber are great for a LOT of reasons. If you can afford one make the investment.

Lastly - buy your bags in bulk (chamber or vacuum). BCU plastics is who I've been using lately. chamber bags come in larger minimum quantities, usually 1000 but BCU has split for me and is nice to work with. I haven't bought bags through the local store or Amazon in years.

I'll post as things happen or change. But like keeping this history of use alive as people are on the edge in terms of buying the consumer vs pro-sumer level equipment.
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