Hot and Fast Chicken - 2 racks?

Josh - CT

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Has anyone done hot and fast chicken with two racks on a 22 WSM? I have done this on the top tack and had success with this approach, but wonder if placing chicken on the lower rack too will cause them to burn.
I have done a butterflied chicken on the bottom of my 14 WSM (hot and fast, no water pan) and it was perfect. Below is a picture of it going on and one with my daughter and I as it come off and is resting. I had zero issue doing it this way. Now that I have my kettle I do the same meal and others with whole butterflied chicken in a two zone system and I put the bird right over the fire for the last few minutes. I don't think you should have any issues, but I can not speak to any unseen differences I am missing when using a 22 WSM. I say go for it and enjoy the results. 20200525_162322_HDR.jpg20200525_184054.jpg


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I've done roadside chicken on both racks.
You have to work quickly when basting the chicken on the lower rack.
Leaving the lid off for too long stokes the drippings on the coals which can ignite quickly.



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When I had my 18.5" I'd do two whole (total 4) on each rack! I have also done two spatched (1 ea rack) in the 14.5" All high temp 325°-350°. One thing I do do though is rotate the racks about 20 mins. in Move top to bottom, bottom to top.