Help with my outdoor BBQ area


Tom L

I have a little shed that I want to build a little BBQ / grill area next to and put all my toys in one place to make life easier. The patio I want will have to be 16' long but the width is up to me. I want to put a stainless prep table out there along with the following: A 22" WSM, a genesis gasser, a 26" kettle and a 22" performer. I also want room for a habachi or jumbo joe. I am envisioning a U shape arrangement but I wonder about the width. Anyone have some suggestions for experience?
Easiest way is do a couple of dry runs before any thing is set in stone. If you have all of the above Weber's already, do a few different layouts and see what works. If you do a galley shaped one with the prep table, you should consider if it's just you doing all the work, or if you need more legroom for a grilling partner. My old kitchen had 4' between the working areas, and it was fine for me going solo, but when anyone else joined in it was a log-jam.
Hope that helps, good luck, and post some pics when it's all done.:wsm:

That's what I was looking for, how much space between the two sides. I will try to lay it all out and see if it hits or I fit. Good idea.
Timothy is right. I can tell you my son made me an area with pavers, 15' X 16'. I'm forever grateful to him. I have a Performer, 18-1/2" WSM, two chairs and a small fire pit. The 22-1/2" OTG sits out of the way next to the AC unit and we bring it out only when needed. It's crowded. Lay everything out.

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Looking good this all set up I think because I didn't make any out side barbecue grill experiment ever..
So I think its all fine you can easily enjoy you outside BBQ with the same setup..
Have a great mind..Cheer..
I think Boyle's Law is going to apply regardless of the size you build: A "gas" will expand to fill a space. Rolf has alluded to this already: his son laid out a beautiful pad and it's tight because, like a garage, the second you finish a patio you will begin to fill it to capacity. Based on this principle, I recommend going into an open space it the yard, setting everything up to see how much space it used. Then double it. :)
If I were to build a "grilling space" I would prefer that not only does it have ample space for the grill's either in a U shape or a back to back shape with grills on one side and perhaps a sink, counter space and even a fridge on the other. Then I would have some sort of lattice work over me to block out direct sunlight. If you have seen either Bobby Flay's ( or ( as well as Guy Fieri's, no links, outdoor grill than you would have some nice ideas. In my next house, if I get one, that just might be my setup. But for now, like Timothy said, lay it out with the grills, leaving room or space for that addition you don't have yet, but will one day and go for it. Then think about it some more, as once built you will say, oh, crap, should have done so and so. Also make the plans such that one can expand them to fit greater needs one day, like that sink and fridge..........................d
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While you are at it, it might be a good idea to plumb in pipes for both power (110V) and low voltage (network, low voltage lights, music, etc). Maybe run an extra pipe just to be safe. That is what I am going to do when we build our patio space in the near future. Just a thought.