Help removing lid side panels


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to restore what I think is a genesis 3000, the serial number is all rubbed off unfortunately.

The issue I am having is that I can't remove the lid side panels so that I can paint them and clean the lid more easily.

The nuts are pretty baked on with rust and gunk. The head turns with the nut and they are flat against the outside edge so there doesn't seem to be a way to grab hold of them so I'm not sure how to remove them. Has anyone else had issues removing the lid side panels?

Dave in KC

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PB Blaster, let sit overnight, then use your thumb and just
push like hell on the flat side of that screw, with a socket on
the nut is all that I have ever known.


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What larry said. I don't mess around any more when rehabbing these grills. If the cookbox bolt or manifold bolts or lid bolts or whatever is giving me trouble, I either twist them off or cut them off. I am done spraying them every hour for two days straight and wind up cutting them off anyway. When I am working on a grill, I don't want to put it on hold for some PB Blaster or WD40 or whatever to "hopefully" work.

Mikey B.

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Thanks for the tips everyone! I was hoping there was an easier way. It looks like cutting them off is the way to go in this case. I've tried pushing like hell on the bolt but no dice.

Looking on this list it's not clear which are the ones to get though to get new stainless hardware
They're just sheet metal nuts so there's not too much of a binding/rust bonding problem.

I used the thumb method with a 3/8" drive cordless impact wrench with a wobble extension. They spun right off. I could see using a hard rubber block or something next time to spare my thumb.

Richard in NS

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Lots of PB Blaster and then I hold the threaded end on the inside with Vicegrips and use an open end wrench to work them loose. Once you get it started, pushing with your thumb on the outside should be enough. Even if you screw up the threads a bit those sheet metal nuts will still come off okay.


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I have had really good luck with a pushing with a thumb on the head and using a socket on my cordless drill. (9/10 times they come out). If not, then I resort to more aggressive measures.

G Schafer

When I did mine, I drilled a hole down the middle and then pounded in the appropriate sized Allen key. That will give enough of a friction fit to hold the bolt still while removing the nut.