Hello from Switzerland


Fabien Goubet

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Hi there,
quite new, I have been lurkin here for some time. I've been a proud owner of a Weber Performer for a couple of years, and I have bought a WSM recently. I love both, even if I can't really use them a lot because of a crazy rainy summer here.
I'm a french expat in Switzerland. People mainly grill sausages here, but nobody knows what he's doing. I prefer learning the ropes so I understand what I'm doing and why :) I love being able to cook anything on my Weber.

I've had a couple of success with my new WSM: one pulled pork, some baby back ribs, an awesome beef rib yesterday, and a turkey breast is smoking while I'm writing this.

Still can't believe how stable are the temps with the WSM. My Performer can do good ribs, but my WSM do better ones!

I'd like to test a brisket some day. But I can't find actual briskets like you have in the USA. Still have to find a butcher who does.
And the modding section interests me as well, I'd like to add wheels on the WSM.
See you soon here


Bob Bailey

Welcome Fabien. You found a great place for information on everything Weber, and beyond. Our Summer has been extremely hot. Would trad for some of your rain if I could :)

Kevin L (NKY)

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Welcome Fabien, it is great to see another hungry mind on this site.
You have a great start by owning to of the best Webers to do all kinds of great meals from.
Back in 2000 I had a gas grill and ate some charcoal cooked food at a party and that next week I found this site and a couple others ,the next thing I know I am buying a Performer and couple years later a WSM and everything I know about BBQ,smoking, I have learned here. And I love to see the smiles, and watch people eat the food I am able to cook.
It is like I am building Weber cookers at all my get together.
Thank you Chris and TVWBB family.


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What part of Switzerland? Happy independence day week late.
Brisket is tough to master but worth it. And if it is not popular, maybe it will be cheaper. Well, for Switzerland...

Fabien Goubet

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Hey Tony. I am in Lausanne, french speaking part of the country, north of Geneva.
I'm looking for briskets and I may have found a butcher who does, I'll give him a visit soon. Not in a hurry because I just fell in love with beef ribs :love:


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Love beef ribs. I find them to be easier to consistently perfect.. brisket.. not so much.
Tough to live in the most beautiful beautiful corner of the planet huh.


Do you have corned beef in Switzerland? Thats half a brisket that is cured in brine. Soak it in water to reduce the salt and it's practice time. I recommend this to my friends that want to try cooking a brisket.


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Welcome Fabien, Switzerland is a beautiful country. I was lucky enough to visit back in 1982.