Hello from Minnesota


Dave Priem

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Long time gas and charcoal griller. Built a Mini-WSM a couple of years ago. Loved it but stepped up last year and bought a 18.5 WSM. Already did a few modifications to it. Added casters to the legs which makes it totally portable. Added a second charcoal grate and secured it using stainless ties. Going to add a handle to the lid and cover hinge this spring. Also may purchase the stainless door I read about on the forum tonight.
Looking forward to more information form here in the future. :wsm:
Good to hear from you . you might be smoking in the cold like me it's been 20 degree hear in Utah the thermometer on the lid could be of by 25 of more take a temp reading on the grates it helped me happy smoking
Thanks for the welcome. It's going to be in the mid 30's on Saturday, so I'm going smoke up three whole chickens. Going to surprise the kids each with a bird, of course one's for us.
Smoke On.
Welcome Dave! I would love to build a mini-WSM, but I can't find an economical pot to use with it here in Canada. :)