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Ed Cleveland

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I have been grilling for years - and really have tried to "smoke" on my gas grill. I have used (with some success) a pellet tube but have found it adequate but ONLY that - and it is an expensive smoke. To smoke a butt or some beef ribs I use a tank of gas and trying my best to maintain a desired temp is a day long labor. If I am going to have a day of smoking I don't want it to be a labor but a labor of love and not running to the grill every 15 minutes when the thermo alarm goes off. So, I am trying to decide between the WSM and an Akorn since they each have their own significant benefits, from all the reading and videos I've seen. But the one question I will be offering first is are either of them a good smoker for someone to get for their first real smoker? (Truth in writing: Yes, I do own a Pit Boss pellet grill. It never performed very well and I found it to be unreliable with the pellets ganging up and burning. Florida's humidity sucks!) Thanks for the add and I look forward to learning a great deal from you all!
Welcome, Ed. I swear by my wsm. I've had limited experience with Akorn, but this being a Weber site you'll probably get a lot of votes for the wsm at any size.

Get the wsm. Drink the Kool-aid; it's delicious😀
Hi Ed, don't rule out another pellet grill, sorry to hear about your experience with the pit boss. I liked my wsm before getting a SmokeFire.

Welcome Ed. You will likely get many WSM recommendations here, and it is a great way to start smoking at low cost.

If you want to get the upgraded version that can do Low and slow, Grilling, "Air Fry", the Weber Summit Kamado would be an excellent choice.

I started with the WSM and still use it for LAS, but I do everything else on the Summit Kamado.