Heatshield product review!

Timothy F. Lewis

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Wow Chris, that looks like a great piece of equipment!!
I see the item on their website but, don’t see a retailer or pricing information.
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Chris Allingham

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Here's the video review.

There's only one distributor at this time:

MKH Wholesale
930 South Andreasen Dr
Escondido, CA 92029
(760) 705-3252

Bad news: It sells for $276. It's sewn in small quantities so there's no economy of scale by producing large numbers of units.

Here's how the maker Steve Heye is positioning the product:

  • Safety - no more worrying about children or guests burning themselves on bbq or smoker
  • Reduces amount of charcoal needed
  • Stabilizes smoking temperatures
  • Overnight winter smokes just got easier
  • Made in the USA
This is clearly a passion project for Steve. If you check-out his website, you can see he's doing most of his business in specialty heat-resistant automotive, motorcycle, and marine products.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Great review as I said before. Thanks for reposting it here!
$276.00 YOUCH! It’s a great concept, given time the price may come down a little but, it’s out of my league for right now.