Happy with my Brisket


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I am so happy with how this Brisket I smoked Saturday on my WSM turned out. Not going to change anything from now on but do plan on trying butcher paper instead of foil.

I trimmed back the fat to no more than 1/4" and I injected low sodium beef broth the night before. I wiped down the meat with a light coat of EVO and on this I wanted to try a simple rub of Montreal Steak Seasoning. I use my WSM with a clay pot and no water and fired it us via the Minion Method and set my Guru at 230. Wood was Hickory but was not added till the grill was up to temperature. Added the wood and meat. After 5 hours I raised the temp to 240 and started mopping with the same beef broth mixed with some of Jeff's Rub. At this stage I mop every 30 min as the bark was pretty well set. The meat alarm on the Guru was set at 165 and at this point I foiled with not much maybe 3-4 oz of the mop. At this point I do not rely on temp other than reference but start to probe with my Thermopen across the meat testing thick and thin to get a feel for tenderness. I do this every hour until I see the thinner parts going in with no effort. Then I test every 30 min until it is just as easy to go in across the meat and no temp is greater than 205. The rest of the meat ranged from 194-203 for the most part. I wrap in some old moving blankets. Normally I wait 2 hours but the LSU Alabama game was starting about the 1 hour mark. The initial meal and several meals later from it just as good and tender.

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