Hanging Kits for 22" WSM?


Bill T

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Does anybody know about and/or used hanging kits for a 22" WSM? I've seen one from LavaLock at Amazon, seems reasonably priced.
I think you can get a 22 hanging kit from Lavalock, Gateway and Hunsaker. Seems like folks like all of them.

I went with the Hunsaker for my 18 WSM, mostly because it seemed like the Hunsaker stood slightly taller. In an 18 WSM, the vertical for a full rack of ribs can be a little tight. Even with the slightly higher Hunsaker, I usually hang half racks. Which works fine because you can still fit a lot a ribs via hanging.

Having used the round Hunsaker layout, I think I'd prefer the parallel orientation of the Gateway hanger a little better. But that's just a detail.

John K BBQ

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I have a gateway hanging kit. I've only used it a few times. I think it's money well spent if you want to cook a lot of ribs or chicken at the same time. If you don't have that many people to feed then it's more just something to play around with (that's my situation).

Generally speaking, it might be better to hang meat closer to the center of the cooker so the fat has to drip onto the coals (or diffuser) if you install one. If the fat drips down the side (not vaporizing on lit charcoal) you might get a grease fire going under the coal bed, which is not fun to deal with.....

David P Harrisburg

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John K I would be careful about placing meat directly over coals. Bought an 18 roti for my 18 inch wsm. Spun a whole chicken above the coals. When the juices started flowing on the chicken they dropped straight down on the coals sending ash up and onto the chicken. Luckily I caught it early and saved the chicken. I was trying to simulate cooking over open fire. I bought the gateway hanger and its very sturdy. Ribs hang about 3 inches from fire or you can cut rib in half. Only cooked ribs a couple times that way but they turned out good

Joe T Gomez

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Don’t have that problem I have a heat deflector on my charcoal basket and I put a rack over the charcoal basket in case anything falls down it will catch it 😎